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My name is Fosc! I'm an artist from Croatia and I wish you the warmest welcome to the official Grimport Misfits station, a main site for the passion project I've been developing ever since 2008!

Since the earliest childhood, I was always in love with storytelling. It was my biggest passion and I loved spending time by myself, coming up with different worlds and characters, writing down their various adventures, and dreaming that, someday, somehow, I could become an artist and bring my stories to life just the way I imagine them. I had a deep passion to create and, slowly but surely, it became my daily priority, something I completely devoted my life to.


Sadly, like many other people around the world, I began struggling with mental health at a very young age. It led me down many dark paths I didn't really know how to cope with so young. Often times, I wrote stories to filter out my thoughts, trying to understand who I was and what my place in the world is. 

Among the many stories I was working on at the time, one story stuck with me; a story about an eccentric ex-mobster dad and his equally strange family, trying to survive in a perfectly normal world when all they've ever known was chaos and life on the edge. I fell so deeply in love with the comfort of imperfect characters, with the ability to fall a thousand times over and still raise up better than ever. I fell in love with their little found family, with antiheroes, underdogs, and their psychology. 

Little did I know that this story would become the most important thing in my life and the reason I am where I am today. I began writing little stories about them, and little stories became drawings, drawings became books and books became animations, and I am more than excited for what is still to come in the future.

These characters are the reason I became an animator, the reason I was able to get into art schools, why I have a job, the reason I was able to live my dream life I live now. They helped me understand my own struggles and the struggles of others, they helped me discover and accept my identity and, ultimately, they were here as a constant hope for the future when I was at my lowest, and I know they always will be.


This story saved me far too many times and I hope that, to at least one person out there, they may provide even a fraction of a comfort they provided me. I hope that everyone who has the same desire to tell their stories never gives up on them, no matter what part of the journey they are currently on and what anxieties stand in their way.

Fosc X

I am so endlessly grateful for all the support I've gotten for this project, it's an absolute dream come true. This is everything baby Fosc ever wanted, but never even dared dreaming of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my supporters, all of my friends I've met along the way, my wonderful, supportive family, and all the visitors that stumble upon this site! ♡

◬  Fosc X - M.M.Vulić

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