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Alice was Jake's mother, who lived in Grimport her entire life. She was raised in poverty and had never known a safe home, ending up homeless at a very young age, which have might lead to her criminal involvement later in life. Alice was prone to scamming, she was a drug dealer, poisoned her son several times to get access to medicines and mingled around a lot of very dangerous people, many of whom she often let stay around Jake. She was known to be violent and left Jake with a hefty amount of anxieties, as well as attacked Rick once her behavior started getting uncovered.



Alice was a five foot four (165 cm) thinly woman, fairly weak and hunched up, but she backed up for her size with a feisty attitude. She was always well-dressed and owned a lot of designer clothes, even when she lived in a rundown apartment and had no money for food. She had a “La vita è bella” tattooed across her left upper arm.


Alice was manipulative, harsh, and switched faced with ease. She was impulsive and aggressive, but deep down she was very lost and feared change.


Jake (son), Rick (son's adoptive father), FJ (Rick's partner and Jake's adoptive father)


Heterosexual, was in a troubled but long term relationship (Soren), switches partners


The Kostrov Traces (II, III), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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