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Frederic Jace Kriegel, better known by his initials, FJ, was Rick's art agent, partner, and a second dad in the Kostrov household. Thrown into an unfortunate position of being the main person trying to decipher Rick's convoluted existence, he unintentionally made himself a part of his secret life, one that would both ruin the years-long bond they had built, yet took it places neither of them ever expected.



FJ was born in Sandcrest, USA, supposedly during March 1945, together with his twin sister Rebecca. Not much was known about his life before he arrived to Grimport, at least until Rebecca finally found him sometime after FJ had already started his life with Rick. The common belief was that FJ must have made the wrong person mad back during his business days in Sandcrest, and the beating he received for it took a sour turn unexpectedly, leading to a brain injury. Having been dropped off in the middle of Grimport, FJ was found by Rick, who took him under his care and helped him rediscover his identity.

Fairly stubborn about receiving help at first, FJ's feisty character was something Rick had little trouble juggling. In fact, he seemed to enjoy their squabbles, and the two developed a deep bond fairly quickly. Their friendship soon turned from a search for FJ's past into comfort and unbridled loyalty neither of them expected to receive. FJ's past was eventually found out, and he was forced to come to terms with how he handled his troubled start in life as well as rebuild a relationship with his son Spencer, whom he left with his ex, Judy. Sadly, what he had learned about his past provided him with little comfort. He always felt as if his past was someone else's story entirely, one he could no longer relate to. His life with Rick, however, gave him comfort he became depended on, and it gave him a new purpose, and a completely new outlook on life.

FJ Kriegel - Profile picture

As the years had gone by, FJ began to feel more than just a friendly bond for Rick. Keeping his love for him hidden as he knew Rick was still grieving the loss of his wife, FJ enjoyed their connection anyway and played a big role in both raising Maggie and Jake alongside Rick. He had changed drastically living with the Kostrovs, and grew to appreciate people and their unique roles in the world much more than the monetary gain he was chasing in the past. Especially because of Rick's own struggles with mental and physical health, FJ became very empathetic and kind. His relentless business talent never left him, though, and together with Rick, he would build an extremely successful career out of Rick's writing.

Being present for Rick's several health scares, FJ became quite paranoid about his partner's well-being, finding himself worried about Rick's overall health more than Rick might have liked. Often the first one to pluck out Rick's issues and bad coping mechanisms, FJ was excellent at deescalating his occasional episodes, while Rick was the perfect man to keep FJ's amnesia-triggered anxiety and hotheaded nature in check. In a lot of ways, they both relied on each other for comfort and stability, forming a perfect unit that only worked if they were both there. 


Their bond would be put to a test far too many times, however. FJ was not involved in Rick's criminal life and knew nothing of it. Just like everyone else, he was in the dark, yet always remained suspicious, finding far too many signs that something simply wasn't right about his partner's behavior. It became clear to FJ that Rick was more than just an altruistic man with a severe sarcasm issues and a big heart. There was an oddness to him, yet he couldn't make out what exactly it was, loving Rick far too much to question the safety he provided him with. After he realized Rick was a danger to himself, though, FJ couldn't help his fears anymore, and began trying to pierce Rick's barriers.

This decision of his wouldn't go unpunished. As FJ nearly lost Rick to a road accident, helping him recover to the best of his abilities, he had come to know far too much about his partner, things he was in no way prepared to face. He was the closest person to Rick, the one ray of rational Rick clung to, and he watched him drown in his own fears without ever fully understanding why until it was far too late for him to change anything. It left him in an impossibly difficult position of having to decide whether the man he loved so deeply was ever a man he knew at all.


FJ was a lean, six foot (183 cm) tall man, often seeming much smaller than he really was next to his partner Rick. His features were boxy and sharp, in contrast to his round button nose and big, sad eyes, framed with thick, dark eyebrows and extremely dark, seemingly black, brown eyes. His hair was copper-brown, parted to the side, and had started going gray in his late thirties, taking over his sharply and tidily cut sideburns first. Full of little birthmarks, he was best known for the two beauty marks on his left cheek. FJ took excellent care of himself and found a lot of pleasure in self-care throughout his entire life, and had beautiful, soft skin well into his older days. Very clean and extremely tidy, he never had any scars besides a small burn on his left upper arm. He had loved fashion of the early 1900s and was nearly never seen without his red puff ties, not even when he was at home. Since his mid-to-late-thirties, he was also never seen without a dove tie pin Rick had gotten for both of them to symbolize their bond.

FJ Kriegel in his late twenties
FJ Kriegel in his thirties
FJ Kriegel in his forties


FJ's personality shifted before and after the attack. Back in Sandcrest, FJ was known as a very ruthless, self-centered businessman, a wild spirit concerned mostly with his own pleasure and not much else. He was known as selfish and easily irritable, two of the characteristics Rick did not tolerate in his home. Having lived with Rick for a long time, FJ had no choice but to recognize just how important relationships with others were for his mental health, becoming much more empathetic and understanding of people and their struggles along the way. FJ was very kind and very friendly ever since he came to Grimport. He was charming and sweet, talkative and easy to find a friend in. He was, however, also extremely anxious, a slight germaphobe and a hypochondriac, and struggled to filtrate his anxiety on his own. Because of this, he was sometimes very difficult to be around, prone to lashing out and shifting blame. Rick handled him extremely well and usually knew exactly how to calm him down. He also knew how to make him irrationally angry, and their vastly different personalities often clashed. FJ was hotheaded and a “bark-no-bite” type of person, typically quick to pick fights he had no means of winning. He was, however, indisputably loyal, never giving up on Rick even during their brief break-up period when he was dating other people. He was a wonderful caretaker, incredibly gentle and loved physical touch, as well as long talks about deep topics over a cup of tea. Likewise, he was aggressively passionate about cooking and baking, easily overstimulated but incredibly talented, a businessman to envy and the best person to have around in times of need.



Rick (partner), Spencer (son), Maggie (Rick's daughter), Jake (adopted son), Bella (family), Justus (friend), Risha (Rick's therapist), Ryan (canine buddy), Amelia (Rick's mother-in-law), Cee (grandchild), Mike (Maggie's partner), Rebecca (twin sister), Walder (Rick's doctor), Lisa (friend), Danny (Rick's replacement deputy)


Bisexual, separated from his ex (Judy), in a committed queerplatonic partnership (Rick)


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

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