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Meghan Kostrova, or Maggie as everybody knew her, was the oldest child of the Kostrov family. Often seen as the voice of reason among the Kostrovs, Maggie was a passionate singer since earliest childhood, one that was largely sheltered from her father's destructive life.



Maggie was born in Grimport on March 30th, 1963, as a first child to her father Rick Kostrov and mother Loretta Kostrova (born Brown). Both of her parents had successful, fruitful careers behind them, living in a beautiful home all of them cherished, an environment Maggie had little trouble flourishing in. A very active child with an impossibly vast imagination, Maggie received nothing but love from both of her parents, who instilled in her an incredibly hardworking nature and an empathetic outlook toward others since a very early age. In most ways, Maggie's first years of life were filled with happiness, play, and freedom of expression, with her parents as her greatest cheerleaders during any endeavor she wanted to embrace. 

The year 1968, however, would mark a definitive end to the life as Maggie and her father knew it once their family was forced to face a terrible tragedy. Maggie was, sadly, the only witness to it at the young age of five. As Rick faced the false accusations and spent a short while behind bars, dealing with his absence and a horrifying experience of having to testify and recall her trauma only shattered Maggie's mental state, leaving her skittish and numb for a couple of years.

Maggie received extensive trauma therapy, and Rick did all he could to provide his daughter a safe space where she could express herself and deal with the events as well as possible. In a lot of ways, Rick devoted his life to Maggie entirely, very involved in her interests, therapy and emotions, which made a significant difference in her development and lessened her trauma by quite a lot.

Maggie Kostrova - profile picture

Rick became Maggie's best friend, her safe person, the man she always turned to whenever she was in need of guidance. During the next five years, her withered spirit was nearly entirely restored, and she grew into a wonderful, cheerful and playful little girl she was before her trauma.

Rick, on the other hand, had his own secrets and issues to deal with, all of which he never once allowed to reach Maggie. Very stern about protecting her peace, he was aggressively opposed to Maggie ever being involved with his personal issues, be it his troubles with work or his own grief. He was so aggressive and persistent in keeping her out of it that Maggie was often shocked and bewildered when she would catch him struggling. As inseparable as they were, she couldn't help but be confused about Rick's slow deterioration, but often decided to turn a blind eye to it, far too afraid of facing the world where her father wasn't at his prime.


Being an only child and the closest family left to her grandmother Amelia, Maggie was sadly the center of an incredible amount of fights and legal battles between her father and everyone else who tried to take her away from him. She had been through several court cases before the age of eighteen, which made her slightly defensive and overwhelmingly attached to her family. She only knew Rick for the perfect image he presented to her, and because of her extensive history of being taken away from him, she became almost irrationally defensive about anything related to her dad. Incapable of accepting anyone who had even a slightly negative opinion of Rick, Maggie would defend him against all reason and logic while also being the most ruthless person to Rick's face, holding him accountable to all the damage he was doing to himself. She was also arguably the only person her father wasn't able to oppose, and listened above anyone else.

Despite all the troubles her early childhood presented her with, Maggie became a highly driven person with a courage to spare. She was a devoted activist and cared a lot about social issues. She was extremely hardworking and spent every waking moment in acting and singing practices, doing anything she could to perfect her craft and build herself a successful career. Furthermore, she was a theater actress ever since her late teens and lived to preform. Known for her stubborn nature, Maggie was often everyone's best friend in need, relentlessly bold and not afraid to stand up to anyone or anything. Being the main bully to other bullies, she was also the one who had noticed Jake was in a dire situation back when he still lived with his mother, alerting her father to the potential abuse Jake was going through.

Along the way, Maggie met a sweet young man, Michael. Having been through several relationships prior, Maggie was in love with Mike's easy going and tender nature. She introduced him to her oddball family and had a wonderful loving future with him by his and their child Cee's side, staying in her childhood home together with her own family.


Maggie was a five foot seven (172 cm) tall woman of an athletic build. Not too bulky but far from petite, her body strength transcended what her outwardly appearance might have suggested. She was quick on her feet and a tough cookie to come in a physical clash with. Her hair was black and of a similar texture as her father's while her eyes were reddish-brown, very similar to her mother's, whose freckles she had also inherited. Besides her height, a lot of Kapralov traits were visible on Maggie, from her bulky nose to her sharp facial features, pointy brows and pronounced canines. A lover of all things dark, Maggie was a Halloween enthusiast, preferring autumn over any other month and dressing in all black at all times she could. The most memorable accessory she never left home without was an eagle talon she wore as a necklace, given to her by her father.

Maggie Kostrova as a child
Maggie Kostrova as a teen
Adult Maggie Kostrova


Maggie has always been a fearless, adventurous individual, ever since her earliest years. She was extremely bold, sassy and sometimes seemed harsh, but always remained empathetic and deeply caring. Her presence took up space, she was loud and proud, very strong-willed and didn't allow anyone to step on her tail. She had little tolerance for any type of discrimination, and never once let others take advantage of her or her loved ones. Unfortunately, because of her imposing nature, people falsely thought she was intimidating and bossy. Those who loved her knew she was a soft soul with a hard surface, however. She liked to be in charge, typically taking a leadership role in every situation she found herself in. She was fair, but firm, and proved to be a strict but loving mother to her child. Maggie tended to show love through playful fighting and often bumped people's shoulders, rough-and-tumbling instead of hugging, mostly because that was usually how she played with Rick when she was a kid. In spite of her seemingly rough personality, Maggie cared deeply for the people she loved and was a very rational individual, more so than any of the Kostrovs. She was honest and often cared more about telling the truth and communicating issues head-on than beating around the bush.


Mike (partner), Rick (father)Loretta (mother), Cee (child), FJ (Rick's partner), Jake (adopted brother), Bella (aunt), Nicky (cousin), Ryan (canine buddy), Amelia (grandmother)


Pansexual, in a long-term relationship (Mike)


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

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