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Loretta Kostrova was a passionate bookworm with a deep, lifelong interest in medicine and science. Devoted to her career and her little family, she had nearly given up on seeing a future with anyone before she found a soulmate in Rick, unintentionally changing the entire course of his life in many unexpected ways.



Loretta was born in Grimport, 14th of May 1937. She was an only child to Francis Brown and Amelia Brown (born Jean), wealthy factory owners who owned an expensive apartment next to the downtown subway. Her family had been in New Rosea for many, many generations, even before Grimport was its own borough, though Loretta wasn't particularly proud of her heritage. She felt her parents and, by an extent, her entire family, had done a great disservice to the city. Despite this, Loretta grew up in a very rich household, one that provided her with privileges many others did not have, attending a high-end medical university at the time of meeting Rick

As grateful as she was for all she was able to afford, Loretta had faced her share of mistreatment, especially in the hands of men who wanted to get to her family's wealth through her, thinking she was gullible enough not to see through their tactics. She had been around rich men who mistreated her for a lot of her younger years, and had her family hush up how she had been treated just to protect their financial partners and keep a clean image. She hadn't let it hinder her love for others and kept her spirits up, but it was undoubtable that meeting Rick was, in many ways, one of the first times she hadn't been seen through the lenses of her parents' money. 

She was extremely interested in literature, falling in love with Rick's poetic side and the gentle man hiding behind his rough surface. More than anything, she felt she could be vulnerable next to him, felt truly seen in his presence, something she had lacked in life.

Loretta Kostrova - Profile picture

Being with Rick caused a lot of chaos in her family, but Loretta didn't care if she had to leave her wealth and legacy behind just to be with him. She believed in him when no one else did and always encouraged his writing hobby, just as he encouraged and supported her medical career. She was in love with Rick's stories and often proofread and edited his texts with him, and they would spend many nights sitting together and talking about books, stories, and the worlds they came up with. They never fought, and any disagreements were always fixed with communication and empathy, which is why the events that lead to their separation came as such a shock and left such a mark on the rest of Rick's life.


Loretta was a five foot two (160 cm) tall woman of a plumper built. She was a small, red haired lady with thick, dark eyebrows and freckles spread all across her round cheeks and small, round nose. She fancied many hairstyles, but rarely cut her hair shorter than the shoulder-length everyone knew her by. Her hair was wavy and flattered her reddish-brown eyes. Smile lines appeared on her face very early in her life, mirroring her positive and kind demeanor toward most people she encountered. She often wore bows around her neck and loved fashion and bright colors, shift dresses, heels and flowy, fluffy coats.


Loretta was an upbeat, happy woman. It was the first thing Rick noticed about her, the kindness she offered to complete strangers. She rarely held grudges but despised corruption and mistreatment of others. She was very understanding, extremely compassionate and goofy, awkward at times and a bit of a nerd. Likewise, she was very beloved in her community, known for her charitable nature and a friendly approach, but she still tended to worry quite a lot, overthinking minor flaws she had found in her own behavior. She was witty and loved to playfully boss people around, never lacking the courage to stand up for herself and find her way to get the things she wanted to achieve.


Maggie (Daughter), Rick (Husband), Amelia (mother), Bella (Sister-in-law, friend)


Heterosexual, married (Rick)


The Kostrov Traces (I, III), The Fiasco Elite (?)

Loretta Kostrova as a young adult

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