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Bella Moore was the aunt of the Kostrov family, Rick's half-sister and the saving grace to their catastrophic existence. Her house was always theirs to cool down in whenever anything went sought in their own home, and she was often the glue and the reasonable person any of them could come to whenever they were in need of help and guidance. 



Bella was born in New Woeboro on 19th of February 1946 to her father Charles Moore and mother Donna Bennet. Her childhood was, in every way, a fairly ordinary one. A lover of psychology with a passion for working with children, Bella studied hard to become a therapist in her later life, and her family supported her every step of the way. Her father and mother got along beautifully and lived in a small apartment, taking her on yearly vacations, occasional Europe trips and providing her with all the love a person could ask for.

Her life would change drastically upon accidentally meeting Rick, a deputy chief investigating a murder at the time. He revealed Donna's past to both her and her father, a life that they were both completely unaware of. It forever shattered the made up image of a perfect family Bella had of her mother, putting a definitive rift in their relationship. Bella couldn't accept that Donna would lie about her life, let alone refused to visit her son and talk their issues over, even after all the Kostrovs had gone through. She would spend more and more time with the Kostrovs over the years, becoming good friends with Loretta and, eventually, FJ. She also developed a tight bond with Rick, who was her closest friend in many ways, and she was always there to help him out with the kids, as he was for hers.

Bella would go on to have a child with a man named Ben Foster, whom she divorced after she caught him cheating several times, even after they had two kids together and separated several times. Her partner John, though, didn't come in the picture until over a decade later.

Bella Moore - Profile picture

Having been involved in Rick's life longer than most of the Kostrovs, Bella knew his behavior inside and out. Although she wasn't involved and knew nothing of his criminal involvement, she was very aware he had mental health issues even before he started falling apart. Often talking to Loretta about him and having been made aware of certain parts of Donna's life, Bella also knew far more than anyone else about her brother's childhood, often worrying about him much more than other people did. She understood him, though, sometimes almost a bit too much, excusing him where she, perhaps, shouldn't have. Often times, she found herself caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to her family, facing troubles not only with her brother, but also her growing daughters and their rocky relationship.


Bella was a five foot six (167 cm) tall lady of a robust built. She inherited her mother's sapphire eyes and black hair, a trait she shared with her brother. Her hair was very thick, coily, and soft, typically cut just above her shoulders. Her arched, high-set brows were another trait of her mother's while her square face and built came from her father. She was very fond of soft, natural makeup, often seen with beautifully done nails and golden jewelry, and her wardrobe was almost entirely made out of cozy and comfortable clothes.


Bella was a very gentle soul. She wanted to give everyone the benefit of a doubt and rarely gave up on people, but she was no less feisty than any of the Kostrovs were. She wasn't scared to stand up to anyone, not even her brother, even when they hadn't seen eye to eye. Likewise, she was very loving and always looked at the bigger picture, trying to understand people before she would allow herself to get hurt by her actions, which was a trait that helped her brother's side of the family quite a lot. She was frequently the main source of guidance and therapy for all of them and the primary person they sought out for support.


Nicky (Daughter), Maggie (Niece), Jake (Nephew), Rick (half-brother), Loretta (Rick's wife), Cee (family), FJ (Rick's partner), Donna (mother), Charles (Father)


Heterosexual, separated from the father of her children (Ben), in a relationship (John)


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

Bella Moore in her forties

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