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Donna Bennet was Rick's mother, whom he had no contact with for nearly his entire life. She had cast a shadow of doubt over his life, a doubt of his own worth and inability to truly feel as if he could trust anyone ever since her escape.



Donna was born in Krylovgrad, on August 5th 1917. She was the first person in the Bennet family born in the USSR as they originated from the West Country, England, and migrated to USSR for business reasons before World War I. She was an only child, but her parents were elderly when they had her, leaving her largely on her own to roam the city as she pleased. She was well-read and knew how to speak English and Russian fluently, so she was able to thrive in the traveling business. Left without supervision quite young, though, meeting Rostya would drastically hinder her plans for the future.


He was a much older, suave Russian with a silver tongue, one that managed to charm Donna when she was barely of age. She thought so highly of him and hadn't seen past his manipulative love bombing before she fell pregnant at the age of nineteen and was forced into marriage by both of their families. Her parents had passed during Rick's first few years of life, leaving Donna all alone with her husband and their child, which is when Rostya's true colors soon began showing.

Donna was never promiscuous, but her terrible home conditions left her desperate for companionship, and she would often spend a lot of time outside the house, seeking comfort wherever she could, which only worsened Rostya's jealousy. She never even tried to fight him, far too afraid of confrontation, but the abuse escalated and soon turned from verbal bashing into physical fights.

Donna Bennet - Profile picture

Donna escaped eventually, yet this deed would forever mark not only her life, but the lives of her son and her entire new family, in a lot of ways contributing to the way Rick's life was heading.


Donna was a five foot seven (170 cm) tall woman of thinly, but athletic built. Her shoulders were narrower than her hips and her hands were slim, often crowned with long fingernails. Her eyes were sapphire blue and her hair raven black, as were her arched eyebrows. She was elegant, but submissive, very withdrawn during her time with Rostya. She was typically seen in black attires, dresses and long coats, and rarely smiled before she met her partner Charles and moved to New Rosea. Furthermore, she was frequently seen with bruises and tired eyes back in USSR, and had a scar across her jaw and cheek left from a jaw fracture.


Donna was a frightened, avoidant woman, to no fault of her own. She went through tremendous trauma with Rostya, so much so that she never even divorced him, nor spoke of his existence for nearly the rest of her life. She was very submissive to him, obeying every word he said out of fear, even when she wholeheartedly didn't agree with his decisions. Thus, she was depressed, for many years, before she ran away, and wasn't the same person once she finally started a new life with Charles. She was happy, cheerful, and full of life ever since, disassociated from her past and refusing to take responsibility for her actions, far too traumatized to face her old life ever again.


Rick (son), Rostya (husband), Charles (partner), Bella (daughter), Maggie (granddaughter), Jake (grandson), Nicky (granddaughter), Cee (great-grandchild)


Heterosexual, separated from her husband (Rostya), in a relationship (Charles)


The Kostrov Traces (I), The Fiasco Elite (III)

Donna Bennet in her late sixties

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