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Rostya Kapralov was Rick's father and a man who shaped how Rick viewed himself and his worth for the rest of his life. He was, essentially, the man who started his downfall, and the man who led him down the path he was so well known for.


Rostya was born in a mountain village in Krylovgrad oblast on 17th of September, 1905. He was a younger child to his parents, a local hunter Ruslan Avgarovich Kapralov and a Siberian mother Ana Igoreva Kapralova (born Kostrova), younger than his brother Viktor by six years. He was brought up in the village, away from the city, but it's safe to say his childhood was less than ideal. Always living in his brother's shadow, Rostya was the delinquent, the troublemaker, the one who couldn't do anything right. While Viktor was pursuing education and excelled in military, Rostya was busy stealing and destroying properties, alienating himself from his family who made sure he knew they never favored him, ever since the earliest childhood.

The family was forced to move after World War I broke out, to a property in Krasnogorod, where Rostya met Donna, a much younger woman, who fell pregnant soon after and moved with him into a new home entirely. Even though their few first years together were tolerable enough, it was becoming clear that Rostya was a terribly jealous, possessive man. Even as Viktor, who was in the army at the time, offered to move Rostya, his wife and an unborn son to Alaska together with Ruslan and Ana after World War II broke out, Rostya refused out of spite, remaining as the only man left behind in the USSR from the entire Kapralov family.

Rostya Kapralov - Profile picture

Rostya had never gotten better. His jealousy worsened, and his abuse became unbearable as he began drinking. This behavior only escalated with time, and a serious injury forced Donna to run away. He never stopped, and the grief made him that much more vicious, turning his aggression toward Rick and unknowingly swaying both of their lives drastically off course.


Rostya was a six foot five (196 cm) tall, robust man who got much thinner and much weaker as he aged, destroying his health with an alcohol addiction. His hair was of a dirty, graying blond color and so were his scruffy sideburns, framing the aging spots on each of his cheeks and a large, crooked nose. He had angular, patchy eyebrows and icy blue, sunken eyes, narrow and coated in layers of red eye bags. He was a physically imposing man when he was healthy, and walked with obvious confidence and grace, and wasn't afraid to take up anyone's space. Rostya also had an upper lip injury that left a tiny scar behind from one of his many bar fights.


Rostya was a very unpredictable, nasty man with a severe attitude and anger problems. He though very highly of himself, refusing to see fault in his own actions and lashing out on the weakest person around. He was extremely aggressive and prone to switching faces within a second. Although suave and charming, Rostya's silver tongue was often used to manipulate people. Everything he did had an ulterior motive. He was abusive and violent, but tried to justify his behavior with love and care, and was extremely stubborn and impossible to reason with. 


Rick (son), Donna (wife)


Heterosexual, separated from his wife (Donna)


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

Rostya Kapralov in his thirties

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