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Nicky was Bella's oldest daughter, only a few years older than her sister Joanna. Her father, Ben, was Bella's on and off partner who mistreated both her and his daughters, leading to Nicky also having issues accepting any new partner Bella got together with. She didn't get along with her mother's second partner John at all, nor with her sister, both due to her difficulty with accepting change. She was extremely intelligent and spent a lot of her time with computer and technology fanatics, getting into all kinds of cybersecurity shenanigans back when the technology was still in its infancy.



Nicky never went out without her beanies. She loved baggy clothes, and nearly everything she wore was at least a couple of numbers too big. Her hair was straight but very thick and all over the place, and her bangs often hid a part of her big, round glasses.


Nicky was nice and empathetic, but very confrontational. She had issues growing up and didn't really know how to not project them onto the rest of her life, regularly getting in fights with her mom about their life situation. She was smart and knew it, but didn't brag about it unless she felt it was deserved. More often than not, she let her actions speak for themselves and got along much better with adults than kids her age.


Rick (uncle), F(Rick's partner), Bella (mother)Maggie (cousin), Jake (cousin)


Homosexual, in a relationship


The Kostrov Traces (I, II), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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