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Cee was by far the youngest member of the Kostrov household, born on the 14th of May 1984. Maggie was his mother and Mike was his father, and in combination with the rest of the Kostrovs, he had a wild and fierce childhood. He was extremely close to Rick and FJ, whom he considered his best friends. Unlike the rest of the Kostrovs, Cee's childhood was as good as they get. He was never involved in Rick's detox and never faced any troubles the others had to, leading to a healthy and carefree time growing up. He was also transmasc and took a long time to really figure out his identity, all the way up to his late twenties.



Cee was five foot nine feet tall (176 cm) as an adult and had thick, angular eyebrows and inherited his mother's reddish-brown eyes, though his appeared dimmer. He had raven black, curly head of hair, extremely long as a kid that he cut short later in life. He had a narrow eye shape like all Kapralovs and a robust, boxy body figure.

Cee Cox Kostrov as a child


Maggie (mother), Mike (father), Rick (grandfather), Jake (uncle), FJ (grandfather)


Nonbinary (transmasc, any pronouns), homosexual, in a relationship (all starting after his teenage years)


The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

Cee Cox Kostrov as an adult


Cee was the feistiest of the Kostrov children. He was out there and there to win, he was spicy, imposing and extremely intimidating as an adult, yet never lacking the sprinkle of gentle, comforting nature.

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