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Mike Cox was an unexpected and, in a lot of ways, quite unfitting member of the Kostrov family. Brought in by Maggie during a difficult period in her father's life, he had a fairly rough start at his coexistence with the other Kostrovs, yet somehow managed to find home among them, a loving one he had always desired to have.



Mike was born in Ripstead, USA, on 13th of March 1962. He was a son of a renowned New Rosea dentist, Laurence  Cox and his wife Laura Cox (born Shanty), who had the ability to put Mike through the best schools in the state since the earliest life. Mike, however, proved to be a fairly bad student. He was quite a hyperactive child that had serious trouble concentrating and staying still, often more interested in playing music than he was in studying. This caused an obvious rift between him and his parents from the very start, as they weren't interested in his passions and talents. They wanted Mike to work on building a career in medicine, or any similar field, and music was out of the question, often even ostracized as a hobby as they claimed it wastes time.

Mike refused to give it up, though. Disinterested in any other career, he would regularly play drums in different New Rosea indie bands in secret which frequently lead to him missing school and lacking the time needed to study, which further destroyed his chances of ever achieving what his parents wanted him to achieve. 

Michael flunked his junior year in high school and, as a result, his parents sent him to live in a small apartment on the edge of Grimport, one he would have to pay for himself. Desperate for any money at all, Mike got a job as a mechanic apprentice very close to his apartment and the workload forced him to drop out of high school entirely, yet he was still able to build a fairly successful career out of his new job. He proved to be a quick learned with a lot of passion, and had little trouble exceeding at tasks that were given to him.

Mike Cox - Profile picture

Mike met Maggie when she was getting the family car fixed after she just got her license. They talked for quite a while and found a mutual interest in music, films, and so much else. While Maggie found Mike's sweet, chatty and easygoing nature quite charming, Mike seemed to enjoy her relentless boldness and bravery. They were two completely different people, yet deep down, they fit in each other's lives perfectly and rarely ever had any fights. Their family lives, however, could have been less dramatic to say the least.

Living in the outskirts of Grimport, ostracized from his family's wealth, Mike was no stranger to crime. He was personally never involved in it, but was often threatened, and the mechanics shop he eventually got to be a boss in was often targeted by local thugs. Thus, he knew of Rick's existence in some shape or form, and knew it from a different perspective entirely than the one Maggie was used to. It was the one topic they frequently clashed horns about, as Mike wasn't entirely sure what to think of him and the Kostrovs in general, worrying Maggie was in danger when such a thought deeply offended Maggie, who loved her family dearly.

Due to several issues with the outskirts thugs, Mike would face serious financial issues, ended up moving in with the Kostrovs and building a family together with Maggie, as well as starting a band together with her as a side gig. Their family lives were never easy, however, and Mike would have to come to terms with his turbulent start to life, as well as face the consequences of his actions and navigate the chaotic existence within the Kostrov household.


Mike was a five foot ten (179 cm) tall lanky man of a fairly thinly stature. He had spiky, ashy-brown hair and deep, brown eyes. His hair went through various colors and shapes throughout the years, but he was most often seen with a spiky haircut kept up by various headbands, combined with different kinds of denim vests and sweatpants. His face was elongated and sharp, and his nose straight and narrow, with a bit of chin fluff right underneath his lip. Mike had long, slender legs, and was often told his walk resembled that of a goofy stork. 

Mike Cox as a teen
Mike Cox as an adult


Unlike most Kostrovs who all had borderline anger issues and serious attitude problems, Mike was a complete and utter sunshine of a man. He was never angry, never aggressive, and had huge trouble expressing any sort of negative emotion. Usually the first one to cry out of the group, he was deeply emotional, sentimental, and skittish around intimidating people. He was funny and very gentle, family oriented and loving to the people he surrounded himself with. Mike wasn't very confrontational, rarely standing up for himself, although his loving and cheerful nature often made him very loved in almost every space he occupied. He had some issues with concentration and wasn't the best at staying on top of his tasks. He was an amazing mechanic and often excelled at things he hyperfocused on, but he still had issues with impatience and hyperactivity. Likewise, he wasn't very good with money, typically quick to spend what he had on things he may have not had the means to afford, which was something he worked hard on fixing ever since having a child. Due to his rocky relationship with his own parents, he treated the Kostrovs like his second family, especially Maggie, who was the most important person in his entire life. Even though his relationship with Rick was rocky and Rick typically did his best to chase Mike away, he was the main source of help and safety Mike had in his life, and they developed a really tight bond over the years.


Maggie (partner)Rick (Maggie's father), Cee (child), Jake (Maggie's brother), FJ (Rick's partner)


Heterosexual, in a relationship (Maggie)


The Kostrov Traces (II, III), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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