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Charles was Bella's father and Donna's partner. He was a loving teddy bear of a family man who loved his wife and daughter dearly, but one that hardly ever could have expected the course his life would have taken. He knew nothing of Rostya for the longest time, even though he was the one who initially waited for Donna at the airport when she first escaped the USSR. Unbeknownst to him, he was getting together with a married woman, and although he saved her when she most needed it, he was just as in the dark about her life as anyone else was.



Charles was a big, six foot two (188 cm) tall man of a bulky body structure. He was slightly overweight and had a fluffy, black goatee and a balding, coily head of shortcut hair. He enjoyed modest clothing and often wore dollar store glasses because he kept refusing to get his eyesight checked.


Charles was an extremely warm person. He was kind, gentle, extremely welcoming and always there in times of need, never giving up on people, even after they have hurt him. He wasn't particularly introverted and loved socializing, but was usually the quiet one in the group that occasionally made everyone laugh with his corny dad jokes.


Bella (daughter), Rick (Bella's brother), Donna (partner), Nicky (granddaughter)


Heterosexual, in a relationship (Donna)


The Kostrov Traces (I), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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