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Amelia was a rich woman born into a factory-owning family who married a son of another factory CEO, Francis, as a way to merge their business relations. She was used to the life of luxury and didn't care much about the damage their business did to the entire city of Grimport. She was also extremely against Loretta's and Rick's relationship, as he wasn't from a well-off family. However, she was more accepting than Francis was, until the tragedy struck her family and forced Amelia through a lifetime of grief, leaving her with hatred and guilt she wasn't able to surpass.



Amelia was a five foot two (157 cm) tall, petite woman with thin gray eyebrows and blue eyes. Her hair was always pulled up in buns, and she fancied little hats that always matched her one-color dresses and designer bags. She went gray in her late 40s and always wore very small, vintage glasses and fur-collared coats.


Amelia was a mean spirited, angry woman who had no issue hurting people she deemed weren't on the same social status as her. This especially concerned Rick, whom she hated with a burning passion. Deep down, she was merely hurt, deciding to deal with grief by making everyone around her miserable as well.


Loretta (daughter), Rick (son-in-law), FJ (Rick's partner), Maggie (granddaughter), Jake (grandson), Cee (grand-grandchild)


Heterosexual, widower (Francis)


The Kostrov Traces (I), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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