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Ryan was Rick's dog, one he had found on the street when Ryan was barely a few weeks old. He bottle-fed him to adulthood and developed a really close bond that turned Ryan into a very spoiled, happy pup. He was trained by a professional to be Jake's emotional support animal when Jake was going through his adoption process and a lot of school bullying. However, Jake ended up not needing him as much after all, and Ryan would mostly stick by Rick, very in tune with his pain issues and emotional distress.



Ryan was 42 inches (ca. 107 cm) tall black dog with gray undertones, black paws and white markings on his ears, around his eyes and on his tail. He was a very large, mixed breed and was always well groomed and of a healthy weight.


Ryan was absolutely unaware of his size and acted accordingly. He was very calm and wanted to be everyone's friend, more skittish than aggressive. He was known to growl and stand up to people if really provoked, especially if they made harsh movements around his family or wanted to be around Rick when he was in pain. However, he had never bitten anyone in his entire life.


Rick (dog dad, the sunshine that throws the best pet birthday parties), FJ (dog dad's boyfriend, needs kisses even if he doesn't want them), Maggie (gives the best tight cuddles and buys the best snacks), Jake (never gets tired of playing and is easy to knock down), Mike (will give human food), Cee (spilled milk over the paw, avoid indefinitely)


Scared of everything (especially bugs)


The Kostrov Traces (II, III), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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