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Walder was a doctor at a hospital Rick was taken to after his terrible accident, and also the one who coincidentally became far too involved with the Kostrov shenanigans than he ever wanted to be. He was a brilliant trauma surgeon who saved Rick's life when he had a very slim chance of survival and took pride in his recovery, often calling Rick his miracle patient. What Walder did not know, however, is that Rick was a tough cookie to swallow long-term and came with a hectic ton of baggage. He spent a hefty amount of his future career being flocked down by Rick and his weird family every single time one of their spontaneous explosions ended up in various injuries.



Walder was a six foot five (195 cm) tall, brown-haired man who was always extremely well groomed and dressed. He was clean-shaven and his hair was always slicked back, his skin pristine, and it was clear he was taking a very good care of himself and his body. Each of his eyes was notably a different shade of brown.


Walder was extremely talented in his field and had very good manners with the patients. With the Kostrovs, however, he tended to be overly sarcastic and made his playful annoyance with them very apparent. He was clearly tired of their existence and was sometimes even seen hiding whenever he would notice any of them stopping by. They became his friends over the years, however, and he cared about all of them deeply. He never denied them help and was always there in case of an emergency, he just couldn't help himself but also be extremely grumpy about it.


Rick (patient), Maggie (Rick daughter), Jake (Rick's son), FJ (Rick's partner)


Homosexual, in a relationship


The Kostrov Traces (III), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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