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Lisa was Rick's best friend ever since he started working for the NRPD. She was a devoted, fearless, and ready to face anyone and anything with bravery and compassion. It was something Rick very much admired, which earned her a quick way to climb up the career ladder until she became one of the youngest lieutenants in NRPD history. She was Rick's closest partner, and they did nearly all field duties together, though they haven't always seen eye to eye. Their bond was turbulent quite often, and her association with Rick would prove to lead Lisa down a path she could have never imagined partaking in.



Lisa was a five foot nine (180 cm) tall woman of an incredibly powerful and athletic build. She was heavy set with a lot of square features and wide, strong shoulders. She was extremely difficult to get through and had a little beauty mark on the left side of her upper lip. Her coily brown hair was usually cut short, slicked back and buzzed on the side.


Lisa was goofy and liked to laugh a lot. She was extremely hardworking and had a pristine work ethic, as well as a good and strong moral compass. She wasn't scared to think with her own head and often opposed decisions she didn't like, no matter the cost.


Rick (best friend), FJ (friend), Maggie (friend), Rogers (ex-superior), Danny (superior), Justus (Rick's partner in crime)


Homosexual, single


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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