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From one of the men at the top of Rick's most wanted list to one of his closest friends and saviors, Justus Harris was a man many feared, but even more respected. He was one of the most influential bosses operating on the western side of New Rosea, and one of the men that would, unintentionally, become a shadow to the Kostrov family.



Justus was born in Rueport, on the 30th of December 1938. He rarely spoke about his childhood, or about his personal life in general, leaving a lot of it to interpretation. Justus was born into a poor family and faced a harsh upbringing in the outskirts of the city. He had never been given much lenience, not with anything he attempted, and sadly wasn't given an opportunity to finish his schooling, left to care for his ill mother far too early in life. He quickly ended up having no family as a teenager and sought companionship in the elders in his neighborhood, some of whom were not always the friendliest of the bunch.

The story spreading through Grimport was that Justus followed an example of one of his mentors, who took him under his wings. He only rose to power after the mentor's death, taking over his business and sought revenge for his murder, which allowed his name to be dragged through the police headquarters and the larger portion of New Rosea crime circles. 

Justus built a very favorable reputation for himself over the following years. He eventually moved to Grimport where he led his business in secret, often left alone by most criminals around town because of his reach and assets he was more than willing to provide for profit. He was one of the men NRPD had on their wanted lists for decades, yet proved incredibly difficult to catch as nearly everyone connected to him either protected him, or didn't want to mess with the people who did.

Justus Harris - Profile picture

Justus protected Rick ever since their mutual hatred for the headquarters connected them. They were business partners and respected each other's space and wishes, which often made them quite a dangerous duo to stumble upon. While Rick protected Justus from the law, Justus kept him safe among the criminals, but neither of them knew just how deep their partnership would become, and how much of a difference they would eventually make in each other's lives.


Justus was a six foot three (191 cm) tall man with light, gray eyes and thick, brown eyebrows. His hair was dark brown, shaven from the back and styled in dreadlocks, loosely tied from the back. He was covered in tattoos, primarily known for the numerals tattooed all across his neck, three lines across his right cheek and an Ace of Hearts next to his right eye. His beard had a wavy V line shaven across each of his cheeks. Justus was of an athletic build and walked with noticeable poise and confidence, yet was rarely seen expressing many emotions. He had a silver wedding ring on his right hand and a scar running down the right side of his forehead, as well as scars covering the back of his head, and was usually seen in brown leather jackets.


Justus was a stoic, calculated and levelheaded man. He never showed excessive emotion and always appeared calm and collected, typically putting reason and rational before his feelings. He was extremely business-oriented, but sentimental and empathetic, caring for his associates and protecting them no matter their differences. This, however, made him no less dangerous. He was coldblooded and never showed remorse, but wasn't wasteful and wasn't quick to reach for extreme ways to deal with problems. He wasn't prone to holding grudges and approached everything with the same professional, calm and poised approach.


Rick (closest partner), FJ (Rick's partner), Aaron (Rick's associate), Lisa (Rick's best friend), Misha (customer)


Heterosexual, married


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

Justus Harris in his forties

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