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Misha Bogrov was an unexpected participant in Rick's retaliation against the Underground. He was the person that ultimately affected Rick's concept of reality the most, a man that was supposed to help lead them both to freedom until he became his greatest sin.



Misha was born in Krylovgrad, on 24th of July 1948. Not much is known about his parents or whether he was even in their care, but Misha often talked about his older sister. She seemed to be in charge of their household but, being so young herself, sadly got involved with individuals who exploited her in order to earn a living. It's how Misha got involved with criminals of Krylovgraas well, even before his sister went mysteriously missing.

He was able to find out that she had been trafficked by a man by the name of Mongo, who operated in New Rosea, and in search for her, he would meet Justus Harris who introduced him to his closest associate and a strategist with law connections, Rick. It was a meeting that would seal both of their fates, one that gave Misha a taste of a life Rick was leading and forced him to reevaluate his own choices. It was the first time they saw each other, yet it wouldn't be the last, and Misha would prove to have much more in common with Rick than either of them realized at first.

Misha Bogrov - Profile picture


Misha was a five foot ten (177 cm) tall man of a boxier body stature. He was best recognized by a scar across his left eyebrow he had ever since he was a child, crowning his tired eyes. He was thin, though it was clear this wasn't how his body was supposed to be, rather one he had because of his poor habits and terrible stress he was under. His hair was shoulder-length and of a dark brown color, as were his eyes, and later in life he was often seen with a goat patch beard. He was regularly hiding himself underneath oversized coats and hoodies, and he was rarely seen smiling.


Misha was a soft-spoken man wounded by his harsh life. He was prone to retaliation and very depressed, but he was never inherently a violent person. He was quiet and withdrawn, but wasn't afraid to show his teeth if it meant he would be able to bring someone to justice or better his situation. Despite this, he had conflicted views on murder and how far he was willing to take his vengeful spirit. Misha was, more than anything, eaten up by misery and very hopeless, yet he never lost his empathetic nature.


Rick (partner in crime), Justus (assailant-for-hire)


Unknown, single


The Kostrov Traces (II, III), The Fiasco Elite (?)

Misha Bogrov as a young man

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