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Aaron was the first person Rick officially met on a more personal basis when he first arrived to Grimport. He was a local addict whose life was, in many ways, falling apart because of his continuous addiction, something Rick took to heart and wanted to help with. Little did either of them know that this companionship would lead both of them through a deadly, treacherous several decades, a road neither of them was prepared for.



Aaron was a five foot nine (175 cm) tall man with a pale, gray skin. He was extremely thin and didn't care for his appearance very well, often leaving traces of his drug use visible on his clothing. He was shivering, shuddering, and walked with a hunched up back, and had empty, reddened, icy blue eyes with no eyebrows and very tiny lips. His cheeks were sunken and his hair thinly blue.


Aaron rarely thought before he talked and was fairly impulsive, if not self-destructive. He wasn't very bright, but wasn't inherently evil either. His desperate financial situation regularly made him choose the wrong paths in life.


Rick (associate), Maggie (Rick's daughter), Loretta (Rick's wife), Justus (Rick's associate)


Heterosexual, single


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III)

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