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Danny was a replacement deputy the headquarters put in Rick's place after his suspension. He was, arguably, the one to destroy the units that kept Grimport safe for many years and was mostly a puppet to his superiors, alienating almost everyone that used to work for Rick. Danny also, quite unintentionally, became Rick's favorite person to mess with, and was often the main target Rick looked for whenever he wanted to have a fight with the authorities, or simply felt bored and needed someone to bicker with.



Danny was several years younger than Rick and started going gray ever since joining the Grimport NRPD. He was a six foot one (185 cm) tall man of a regular body structure, not at all athletic, but not thinly either. He was always clean-shaven with buzzed sides of his head and had a fair amount of anger-induced wrinkles, most typically looking annoyed ever since starting his new job.


Danny was submissive to authority, passive in their shadow, and didn't really bother doing more than was asked of him. He wasn't particularly pleasant and had a lot of ego and anger issues, but he wanted to do what's good deep down. He believed in the system and wanted to play by the rules, often clashing horns with Rick, who was continuously bringing trouble to his table.


Rick (ex-deputy), Lisa (coworker), FJ (Rick's partner), Rogers (superior)


Heterosexual, married


The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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