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Rogers was one of the superiors, a bureau chief, in NRPD back when Rick was still a deputy. He was one of the people who kept the corruption within the force alive, and the one to sniff out Rick's criminal life much sooner than most people around him. He was the one to bring Danny on board and the one to lead Rick to one of the darkest times in his life.



Rogers was an older, six foot two (187 cm) tall gentleman, a slightly overweight man with a boxy, fleshy head, wide shoulders and pronounced wrinkles. He wore narrow, angular glasses, had a mustache and a balding head sprinkled with gray specks of hair.


Rogers was cunning, but not overly moral. He believed he protected the department while mostly protecting himself and the rest of the headquarters. Although he despised Rick, he was rarely rude to him and often at least attempted to keep a favorable image, especially in public.


Rick (ex-deputy), Danny (deputy)


Heterosexual, married


The Kostrov Traces (I, II)

Augustin Rogers - Profile picture

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