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Risha was Rick's psychiatrist, one he met quite late in his life. She was the first therapist that really saw past his lies and managed to get through to him, helping Rick get past his troubles tremendously. She was, however, also a part of the reason he embraced his wild, chaotic nature and leaned more into absurdism, somehow managing to turn Rick's chaotic behavior into an even bigger hazard to society.



Risha had dark, voluminous hair and pronounced arched brows. She wore suits and had sharp facial features, often very exaggerated in her movements.


Risha was witty, intelligent, and excellent at handling stubborn people. She was determined to help everyone, no matter the cost, and never gave up on them even if they started pushing her away. Relentlessly bold, she was extremely confident and had little issues leading any type of conversation people challenged her with.


Rick (patient), F(Rick's partner)


Bisexual, married


The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (I, II, III)

Risha Faris - Profile picture

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