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Spence was FJ's and Judy's son from a life that FJ didn't remember. Only a few years younger than Jake, the two got along very well and Spence absolutely adored Kostrovs. He had to rebuild his relationship with his father since he, essentially, didn't know him for the first couple of years of his life. They got along amazingly well ever since, and FJ would often visit Claudry Hills just to hang out with him, calling him over the phone every single day. He would, however, have to learn how to deal with the failed relationship of his parents and their constant fights.


Spence had curly brown hair, a slightly brighter than FJ's was, and big, bright, dark brown eyes. He was about five foot seven (171 cm) tall once he grew up, and was a bit of an awkward introvert, typically walking around all hunched up.


Spence was shy and not very willing to break the rules unless he was driven to it by someone else. He loved video games and wasn't very confrontational, usually scurrying away from any fight and rarely standing up to people.


Rick (FJ's partner), Jake (Rick's son), FJ (dad)


Homosexual, single


The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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