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Judy was FJ's ex from the time before his injury. The two of them had an unexpected pregnancy resulting in Spencer, whom FJ sadly left when him and Judy kept having one argument after another. Even though FJ kept providing for Spencer long after he left, Judy never forgave FJ, mostly because of their fights, and often weaponized Spencer against him when he did return to his life. She despised FJ more than anything and absolutely hated Rick by association, but otherwise lived a pretty nice life in Claudry Hills.



Judy was five foot four tall woman with long, light brown hair. Her eyes were green, her eyebrows thin and arched, and often wore business attire, suits and skirts.


Judy was a loving mother and cared for her son extremely well. She was of a wild spirit and loved to party and hang out with various different people, although she always put her son first. She seemed cold and bitter, but was actually really warm and kind behind her sharp exterior. She was prone to holding a grudge and was often extremely willing to continue bickering with people years after their fights.


Rick (FJ's partner), FJ (ex), Spencer (son)


Heterosexual, in and out of relationships (was with Adrian the longest)


The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

Judy King - Profile picture

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