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Becca was FJ's twin sister, one he had lost contact with early in his life to both of their faults. She was the one desperately trying to keep in touch, but consistently found herself unable to reach out due to their strained relations and her arguably luckier start to adult life than her brother was given. The two would grow closer after FJ's injury, and Becca, together with her husband George and their two kids, Bobby and Kaia, would often visit the Kostrovs.



Becca was very similar to her brother, six foot (182 cm) tall and of a boxier build. Her hair was just as curly as his was, typically long and pulled up in messy buns. She had a boxy facial shape and a beauty mark on her left cheek, preferred flowy, feminine clothing and shared a burn scar with FJ, although hers was on her hip.


Becca was a very kind, polite woman. She didn't like confrontation and was often more likely to stay by the side than argue with someone directly. 


FJ (twin brother), Rick (FJ's partner)


Heterosexual, married (George)


The Kostrov Traces (I), The Crisis Logbook (?), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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