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Kendle was a predatory trainer of illegal underground street fights roaming the streets of Krasnogorod during the early 1940s, and one among many keeping the crime life of the Underground alive. He was, coincidentally, also the man behind the one decision that changed Rick's entire life. He was the one to begin his downfall and the person who changed how Rick viewed himself and his reality for the rest of his life.



Not much was known about Kendle and his identity. Rick often questioned if Kendle was even his real name at all. He was known as an Irishman who came to USSR at the very end of World War II, supposedly wanting to exploit the unfortunate situation in the world and traffic the vulnerable people destroyed by poverty. Having noticed the crime network spreading through the country, it's likely Kendle realized he could make much more money a lot easier by partaking in low-ranked businesses and collaborating with other individuals involved with the Underground.

His unique appearance made him stick out of the crowd, especially in a city like Krasnogorod that was run down by corruption and post-war-poverty. He had little trouble drawing in young men, selling them a job offer as a quick way to earn money at an expense of a few bruises. However, he never let any of them in on just how dark the world they were getting involved with was. 

Even though he was fairly successful at training young men and teenagers for the fights, it was clear Kendle wasn't well established as an imposing figure among the high-ranked criminals in the UndergroundMany bosses thought he was a charlatan, a privileged man who came to collect the money that wasn't his to collect, and someone who couldn't be relied on as a loyal individual. He was also known to lie, boast about business opportunities and offers he had no means to go through with just to climb his way up the social ladder.

Kendle in his thirties

Rick was Kendle's once in a lifetime chance at success, or so he though. He noticed Rick's talents and decided to spare him the fate other fighters often faced, making him one of his personal apprentices very early on. He involved Rick in many missions until he finally got noticed by other bosses, marketing him as a strategist and a young hope to continue the Underground legacy. What Kendle overlooked, though, was that Rick's cunning suspicion was also directed at him.


Kendle's greed for power ultimately allowed Rick to escape and stay hidden. He was far too afraid of retaliation to ever let other bosses know he let his greatest product flee after he had known he was a liability for far too long. It was this decision alone that would seal both of their fates, many decades later.


Kendle was a six foot one tall blonde man of a heavier built. He had bulging, blue eyes, fleshy neck and a bulbous nose, often seen smiling. He wasn't very athletic, nor did he have to be; he had people in his corner doing whatever he needed them to do, but he was no stranger to physical violence. Kendle's staple and the outfit everyone knew him by was the light, blue suit with a blue hat and beautiful, polished brown shoes he wore everywhere he went to keep up with the upper-class image he was trying to emulate.


Kendle was a sly, calculated man. He had a silver tongue, typically acting very posh and pretending he was much, much wealthier than he actually was. He was quick to shift faces, obedient and respectful to the higher ranks while beating his own workers and apprentices up. Kendle was power hungry and desired wealth and recognition above all, and didn't mind using force to claim it. He had moments where he was kind and understanding, although those often had ulterior motives behind them. As smart as he was, Kendle's biggest flaw was his fear of being seen as incompetent, which saved Rick's life for many, many years.


Rick (ex-apprentice), Misha (Rick's partner in crime)






The Kostrov Traces (I, II, III), The Fiasco Elite (?)

Kendle in his sixties

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