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Young was a principal at Jake's and Maggie's school. He's been working there for ages and was well introduced to the situations the Kostrovs had, yet often failed to keep his students protected. He had a tiny chihuahua dog he always brought along to his office that bit and barked at everyone and everything, yet no one ever stopped him. Young was getting along with Rick fairly well before Jake's came along, mostly because of his mishandling of Jake's situation and Jake's god awful grades.



Young was a short, five foot two (157 cm) chubby man with short, graying brown hair. He wore glasses and often came to school in suits with colorful, strange shirts underneath.


Young was hysterically terrible at his job, but everything in Grimport was likewise also terrible, so he was still the best choice for a principal the school had. He was disorganized, disinterested and rarely cared about anything but his own comfort and had a fairly dismissive and passive-aggressive way of speaking with students and their parents.


Rick (Jake's and Maggie's dad), Maggie (Rick's daughter), Jake (Rick's son)


Unknown, single


The Kostrov Traces (II), The Crisis Logbook (All)

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