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Brooks was one of the neighbors of the Kostrovs, living only a couple of houses down the street in the Willow Estates. He and his wife Jenna had two kids, Richy and Sarah, and were once good friends with Loretta and Rick. They stopped being friends since they started believing the lies spread by the police after the tragic event that happened to the Kostrovs, something Rick was deeply hurt by and couldn't forgive. Brooks was also one of the people who remained hostile even years after Rick cleared his name, keeping up a grudge that mostly ended up with Jake and Sarah having to hang out in secret.



Brooks was a frowning, dimly red-haired man with blue eyes. He was fairly tall, about six foot three (190 cm), and had slightly crooked teeth, usually wearing vests and pullover shirts around his home.


Brooks was abrupt, judgmental, and abusive. He was loud and tended to lose temper very fast with everyone, especially Rick and often even his kids. He was prone to picking needless fights even when he had nothing to back it up with and would call the police on a whim.


Rick (neighbor), Jake (Rick's son), Sarah (daughter), Loretta (friend)


Heterosexual, married (Laura)


The Kostrov Traces (I), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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