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Sarah was one of the closest Willow Estate neighbors to the Kostrovs. She was the daughter of Jenna Brooks (born Rowans) and Robert Brooks, and had a younger brother, Richey. Sarah's family life wasn't the greatest, and her parents were both neglectful at best and abusive at worst, especially when it comes to her father. She often escaped from home to hide in Jake's room, something neither her parents nor Jake's allowed due to their strained history. Sarah would face a lot of issues due to her upbringing, a lot of struggles with addiction and bad company, not coping very well during her mid-teens all the way into her twenties. It was something that would put hers and Jake's friendship to a test in many unexpected ways.



Sarah was a year younger than Jake, a five foot three (161 cm) red-haired girl of a pale complexion, with thin eyebrows and freckles all over her cheeks. She was a bit of a tomboy and often dressed in skater outfits and large jeans.


Sarah was snappy, witty, and incredibly bold. She was a troublemaker and often hid her pain behind an overly-courageous surface. Although she was very empathetic and kind, only craving acceptance and love she wasn't getting at home, she sometimes forgot to make sure people around her felt safe and happy as well. She was very tough and pretended nothing bothered her when, deep down, she was deeply hurt and scared of loneliness.


Jake (best friend), Rick (Jake's dad), Brooks (father), Dylan (dealer)


Heterosexual, in and out of relationships


The Crisis Logbook (All)

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