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Dylan was a student at Jake's school and tormented him longer than anyone else. He came from an extremely rich family, one of the richest in the entire New Rosea, who acted as patrons to the school both Maggie and Jake went to. Dylan greatly abused this fact and often picked on those weaker than him and introduced other kids to harmful ideas just because he knew he cannot be caught.



Dylan was a six foot one (186 cm) tall, bulky person with blond, curly hair and light brown eyes. He was very strong, incredibly athletic, and had an elongated face with a downward facing nose.


Dylan was extremely harsh and enjoyed bossing other kids around. He knew he was of a higher wealth status than most, which made him quite popular, and he wasn't a stranger to flaunting this fact. He was quite charming and seemingly likable, but enjoyed controlling others.


Rick (Jake's dad)Maggie (Jake's sister), Kicky (Jake's friend), Eddie (Jake's friend), Sarah (Jake's friend, customer)


Heterosexual, in and out of relationships


The Kostrov Traces (II), The Crisis Logbook (All)

Dylan Shackle - Profile picture

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