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Eddie came from a small family living in the outskirts of Grimport and met Jake around the same time Kicky did. Kicky and Eddie were friends much earlier and went to the same class as Jake, but were an inseparable trio ever since getting to know him. Eddie came from a very happy, loving family and was an older brother to a decade younger sister and was mostly interested in skating, but had a deep passion for animals and wanted to work with them in the future.



Eddie was a thin man, a jock-type esthetically, although he never got along with the other sports kids. He was five foot seven (170 cm) tall as an adult and had a head full of brown hair and fairly pronounced cheekbones, often seen in sports Jackets and jeans.


Eddie was much closer to Jake when it comes to causing trouble. He was usually not the one to get the absurdly chaotic ideas, that was mostly Jake's job, but he was never the one to say no to them either. He was typically the one to team up with Jake to get Kicky on board with whatever horrific adventure they came up with. Eddie was the funny, carefree one of the group, typically always smiling and having a great time wherever he ended up in.


Kicky (best friend), Jake (best friend), Dylan (classmate)


Heterosexual, single


The Crisis Logbook (All)

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