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Kicky was one of the few friends Jake had gotten after he was in a better place in life and living with the Kostrovs. He was a part of their trio together with Eddie, one that always at least tried to keep all of them out of trouble. He came from a fairly wealthy family, although never flaunted it, and was an only child, very interested in robotics. Likewise, he wanted to be an engineer since the earliest childhood, spending most of his time working on his future career.



Kicky was of a bulkier body structure and about five foot nine feet (175 cm) tall as an adult. He was the tallest of the three and wore large glasses with branded turtleneck shirts. His hair was brown and fluffy, slightly overgrown and falling to the side of his face.


Kicky was very curious but careful, by far the most cautious of his friends. He was introverted and usually had far too much work to stay on top of. He was grumpy and always the first one to freak out if things went astray, yet still couldn't help himself but have mindless fun with his friends anyway.


Jake (best friend), Eddie (best friend), Dylan (classmate) 


Questioning, single


The Crisis Logbook (All)

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