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The stories showcased on this site and other social media connected to this project may include strong language, as well as themes such as death, violence, crime, addiction, mental distress, false reality, suicide and domestic abuse. The content of this project is not intended for audiences younger than 16. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The Grimport Misfits and all related titles (currently including The Kostrov Traces trilogy, The Crisis Logbook series and The Fiasco Elite trilogy) are a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of author's imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual individuals, living or dead, locations or events, is entirely coincidental.




The Grimport Misfits is an original, character-focused story created by Fosc X — M.M.Vulić. This project currently consists of three correlated book series: The Kostrov Traces, The Fiasco Elite and The Crisis Logbookall of which share the same world and characters, but focus on different timelines of the story.

The Crisis Logbook is a selection of slice-of-life-type stories told from a perspective of Rick Kostrov's adopted son, Jacob. It focuses on the bizarre daily life of their family and associates in a more lighthearted, yet progressively dramatic way. The story begins in the early 1980s and explores the aftermath of Rick's destructive life — one that his family has little to no insight in — as seen from the perspective of his family. It aims to dive deeper into the interpersonal dynamics of all the Kostrovs, as well as themes such as mental health, childhood trauma, addiction, and secrecy.

The Kostrov Traces is a trilogy about the life and demise of Rick Kostrov. It aims to explore his character and explain the background behind many of the secrets showcased in The Crisis Logbook series, focused on the events prior to Jacob's retelling of their present life. The trilogy introduces us to the past of the characters and how they came to be, especially focusing on Rick's criminal involvement, his complicated relationship with FJ, and the events that lead up to his eventual downfall. It dives deep into Rick's past, his unfortunate connection to the Underground, the very beginnings of the life of crime he spent years trying to escape, and follows the slow, systematic corruption of his psyche. Filled with lies and deceit, The Kostrov Traces aims to put the reader in Rick's skin and show them the world through his own eyes as he slowly loses his touch with reality.

The Fiasco Elite is a trilogy that directly follows the culmination of the plot seen in The Kostrov Tracesthe second half of Rick's story. Beginning several years after his downfall, it slowly uncovers the reality of life after a set of horrific events puts a definitive end to Rick's preformative "normalcy". No longer able to hide his past, nor the damage it left him with, The Fiasco Elite focuses on Rick's self-discovery, and a long, but fruitful recovery after his bad coping mechanisms catch up with him. It explores his relationship with FJ and FJ's own turbulent time past the tragedies they faced during the early 1980s. A story focused on psychology after trauma and rebuilding of an entirely broken identity, The Fiasco Elite revolves around love and acceptance, healing from an addiction and the breaking of generational curses in a slightly twisted, villainous way.

Even though there is a set narrative with a specific timeline, this is a passion project that is meant to be told through several different art forms. Thus, some info on the platforms may be told non-chronologically and art may depict scenes that aren't necessarily seen in the books (though are still considered canon) and vice versa.


 The Kostrov Traces – Trilogy – Written and in editing stages, draft II

The Fiasco Elite – Trilogy – Prewriting

The Crisis Logbook – Series – On hiatus (will be going through a rewrite)



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