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Early prewriting phase - Synopsis and structure are subject to change


Years passed since the fall of the Underground, a time Rick hoped would symbolize freedom after he finally cut ties with his destructive past. However, he is found in a mental hospital, recovering from an addiction that nearly claimed his life and missing half of his leg. The events of the past few years seem to be a mystery to everyone, including FJ, who's estranged from his partner.

In a desperate attempt to understand what has led up to Rick's current situation, FJ reaches out to Justus Harris, who's gotten much closer to the Kostrov family over the past several years and appears to live in hiding. Together, they painstakingly dissect the mysterious burned remains of the last memoir Rick had written for his family before his sudden disappearance in 1982. While Rick dissociates from much of the past four years, FJ embarks on a journey to the outskirts of Grimport crime life to uncover, first hand, who Rick truly was behind the wandering eyes of his family. Accidentally, however, he would end up discovering much more than he had bargained for.

As Rick struggled to cope with his disability, he's trying to recover from his rampant mental health struggles without his destructive coping mechanisms, slowly reliving the blocked out years since his clash with his ex-boss Kendle. No longer able to fight against his paranoid beliefs after the fall of the Underground utterly destroyed his sense of self, Rick proved unable to tell the difference between reality and his own fears any longer. He started finding comfort in increasingly absurdist beliefs, losing himself to his warped sense of self and increasingly outlandish and bizarrely eccentric behavior, believing he was a dead man one way or another.

His avoidant state wouldn't last forever. As Rick discovers FJ's secret involvement with Delour and Justus when a tragic event nearly takes FJ's life, forcing Rick to finally accept his poisonous decisions had spread to his family despite all of his efforts to keep them safe. The life Rick fought so desperately to keep a secret began to consume everything and everyone he had ever loved. It left him no choice but to recognize the price of his lies and fight to cut ties with the traces of his destructive past.

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