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Collins was the first door neighbor of the Kostrov family, living on the left side of their house. He lived in the Willow Estates ever since he was born, making him the oldest resident there. Although he was known to have issues with his neighbors, none were as bad, or as loudly persistent, as the eternal beef he had with Rick. Collins was extremely hostile toward Loretta and Maggie back in the day, mostly because Rick was from another country, and Rick took that very personally, making Collins' life a living hell ever since. They were often seen destroying each other's yards and screaming at each other, even when Collins was deep into his nineties.



Collins had a gray stubble and unkempt mustache, completely white ever since any of the Kostrovs knew him. He was only about five foot one (154 cm) and only got smaller as his back got more hunched up with age. He eventually had no teeth anymore because he got in a fight with his dentists, and usually angrily dragged his oxygen tank around with him.


Collins was bigoted and every type of phobic personality a man could be. He was loud, rude, bitter and didn't mind ruining anyone's day for any number of reasons.


Rick (arch-enemy), Maggie (Rick daughter), Jake (Rick's son), FJ (Rick's partner)


Unknown, single


The Kostrov Traces (II), The Crisis Logbook (All), The Fiasco Elite (?)

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